The Advantage of Pre-Arranged Financing

Why apply for a loan in person, when you could get approved ahead of time? You can focus solely on choosing the right vehicle, as opposed to worrying about funding. If you’re approved through a third-party lender, then it will be like a cash purchase. If you were approved through the dealer, you will be taken a lot more seriously, because they will know you’re all set to make a purchase. Ultimately, it makes for a much better purchasing experience.

  • Apply Online for Financing.
    Our application requires less information than the competition’s, and you’ll be given an account in our approval center. When matching you with a lender, our system takes into account where you live, as well as your income and credit score. There isn’t a minimum credit score required, as we have lenders who support each of the different credit tiers.
  • Connect with Your SC Vehicle Finance Specialist.
    Your lender will contact you directly, in order to move forward with your loan. They should be able to give you an APR quote at this point, as well as your options as far as vehicles and financing terms. Keep in mind, you are under no obligation to accept this loan.
  • Purchase a Vehicle from a Dealership In Your Town.
    Once approved, you can choose your new or used vehicle from a dealer in your area. Pre-arranging financing will help streamline the car-buying process, and potentially increase your negotiating leverage.

SC Down Payments

In South Carolina, as in most places, down payments are required of most borrowers. If you have outstanding credit, you may qualify for 100% financing. However, in most cases, you will need a down payment of 10% for a pre-owned vehicle, and up to 20% for a new vehicle. The good news is, you can turn your existing vehicle into the cash or equity you need, through selling or trading it in.

South Carolina Auto Finance Rates

Your rate of interest. Over time, it could cost you thousands of dollars. So getting the most affordable rate you can is crucial. The rate you’re actually charged will be contingent upon a variety of factors. But here are some estimates for your information.

FICO Used Vehicle APR New Vehicle APR
720-850 3.3% 3%
690-719 4.4% 4.2%
660-689 6.6% 6.5%

Again, the above rates should not be construed as advertisements. They are only estimates. Your own rate may vary.

Keeping Your Privacy Secure

Whenever you submit an application for a loan, the bank or finance company requires a substantial amount of personal data. We have put in place a wide range of precautions to help keep your data secure. We encrypt confidential information sent over the internet, and our database professionals utilize firewall and intrusion detection software to prohibit unauthorized access. Most of the time, we delete your most sensitive data from our system after one week, and we seldom carry out email promotions or cross-sells, unlike a lot of banks and creditors.